VisitInSight Testimonials

“Just wanted to let you know that we were able to find/locate an existing company that was uncovered with a VisitInsight notification. They were using another partner (for support) who had been ignoring them. They became our customer yesterday! We expect a substantial amount of Services revenue from them.”

T.M, CEO of a Microsoft Dynamics Partner



“Whenever I get VisitInsight email alert that shows that a local company is browsing my website, I give this to my sales team to do a cold call. We have closed several new deals this way because we just happen to call right when they are doing research about our product. When I see existing customers browsing our website I let their account manager know in case they are interested in training or additional products. I also like to show my boss when I see competitors browsing our site. VisitInsight is an affordable tool and their team is great to work with.”

A.C, Director of Marketing for Software Company



“The reports we get from VisitInsight are a very easy way for me to analyze which keywords people are using to find our website. Sometimes the words they use to describe our products are not the ones we use internally, and we can adjust our marketing message.”

S.O., Webmaster for Software Company



"Since deploying the VisitInsight product to our website we have not only established an effective means of capturing any new sales leads arising from our generic SEO and Social Media Marketing activities that otherwise would simply have escaped our attention but we have also established a reliable means of monitoring the effectiveness of our direct outbound marketing efforts via VisitInsight's ability to capture the referring page of any new web visitor. Looking back now, I don't know how we ever managed without it."

D.M. - President, Software Solution Provider