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9 Mar 2012

B2B Lead Generation Blog

Welcome to the VisitInsight – B2B Lead Generation Blog. We at Merge Analytics, the makers of VisitInsight, will make every effort to bring you B2B Lead Generation news that will help you accomplish more with your tools and efforts.

We hope you’ll consider our VisitInsight product to assist you with not only the tracking of your potential B2B Leads from your anonymous web/landing page traffic, but also the assistance it gives to those responsible for administering the capture, distribution, and management of those leads.

What is VisitInsight

Like many other tools in this space (i.e. LeadLander, VisitorTrack, VisiStat, and Google Analytics) we offer code to add to your website(s) and/or landing page(s) to track the activity of anonymous visitors. With just the basic information automatically gathered by the visitor we will analyze the data and do our utmost to get you a lead to go back to. Like out competitors, it is generally just the company name, not a person’s name.

How’s VisitInsight Different?

Since we already explained we are similar to other competitors, the most likely question you have next is – “How is VisitInsight different?”

We’ll just explain some basic difference here, as we plan to use this blog to explain our differences in more detail – along with telling you more about B2B Lead Generation.

Some key differentiators are:

  • Proactive Lead Notification
  • Administrative control of distribution of leads
  • Special Segmentation of Lead Notifications
  • URL Tag word identification (like when using AdWords)
  • Reports targeted to Search Keywords, Social Media referrers, and Regional Segmenation
  • Quite simply – cost. True, Google Analytics is free, but the others are 4 to 10 times more expensive for the same or fewer features

Purpose of the VisitInsight – B2B Lead Generation Blog

We feel we have 3 main objectives:

  1. Tell the world about advances and strategies to improve B2B Lead Generation from all aspects of marketing
  2. Discuss the VisitInsight tool and how marketers, blog administrators, and sales teams are using it successfully to generate more B2B Leads
  3. Discuss features (new and existing) of the VisitInsight tool

Thanks for joining us in the discussions, and we look forward to all your comments and discussion.

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