Frequently Asked Questions

What is website visitor tracking?

In the past, you knew how many people saw your website but you had no insight into WHO they were. Now, VisitInsight tells you who is visiting your website and what they do while they are there.


What information does VisitInSight track?

VisitInsight gives you data you can use about your website visitors including:

  • Company Name
  • Company Location
  • Keywords Used
  • Referring Page
  • Pages Viewed


VisitInsight does NOT give you the specific name of the person visiting your site, unless they take some action such as filling out a form. But you can use our integration to Dun & Bradstreet and Jigsaw to do your own research and identify the right prospect to cold call. You already know the company is interested in your product or service, you just need to ask until you find the right person to make the sale.


Why is VisitInsight better than other website visitor tracking services?

Affordable Price: Some services are very expensive (over $1,000 per month), but they do not offer better services than you get with VisitInsight. (they can’t tell you the name of the visitor either). With our tool you get all the information you need for a fraction of the price. See VisitInsight affordable pricing plans.


Comprehensive Reporting: Other services that are affordable do not offer comprehensive reporting. VisitInsight gives ability to download activity reports in Excel for further analysis. VisitInsight also offers additional reporting that is valuable for the marketing department such as: Search Keyword Report and Social Media Report.


Email Alerts: B2B Lead notification are generated automatically based on your settings. When someone is browsing your website the assigned representative will receive and email alert with complete information about the visit. Look here for the details of those Activity Alerts.


Bonus Features: We want website visitor tracking to help you evaluate the success of your B2B marketing campaigns and be easy to use. So we have included bonus features such as tracking sessions initiated from a AdWords campaign, easy links to Dun & Bradstreet, Jigsaw, LinkedIn and Google and much more.


Personal Service: Merge Analytics, the creators of VisitInsight, prides itself on providing great, personal service to our clients. VisitInsight is a "community driven" solution, and we are always trying to improve the product. If you have suggestions to improve the product, or customizations you need - we are listening - and will likely find a way to make this happen for you, our customers.


How do I put VisitInsight on my website?

We will give you some website “code” to add to your website. This can be done by your webmaster or we can assist you. As long as you have access to your website, this is a very quick and easy process. It does not affect the performance of your website or cause any additional issues.